The Final Justice League Trailer gives us what we’ve wanted without Spoilers!

Nowadays movie trailers tend to give away major plot points, characters, twist, and other significant parts of the film within the first few trailers. One of the major complaints in recent cinema is the lack of ability to truly surprise the audience because of this tactic. Granted movie studios almost forget how to properly market films in today’s heavily ran social media age. Which seems like it would be easier but they still miss the mark. Warner Bros. on the other hand have not forgotten how to build hype without blowing the entire film in 3 minutes.

The final Justice League trailer released at New York Comic Con this weekend was again proof of that. In just over 3 minutes WB managed to once again blow us away with some awesome goodies, Superman (well Clark Kent) viewing, and some epic looks into the films action. They even managed to throw in a brighter color palate giving the film a much more vibrant look.

It’s easy to say we are extremely excited for November and can’t wait to sit down and be blown away by getting our first real JL film. Until then sit back and enjoy this amazing, spoiler free trailer! November hurry up!

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