Flick Picks April 7th

1) The CW has renewed all the Arrowverse shows, along with Supernatural, Black Lightning and Riverdale. So that means John Constantine has a job again aboard the Waverider next year. The network will make decisions on iZombie and The 100 in May. For those of you who haven’t heard, Sara Lance is returning to Arrow for the season 6 finale.

2) Coming up this week, season three of the Expanse premiers on the 11th. Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead is back on the 15th and Supergirl is back on the 16th. And dropping on the 13th, is Netflix’s reboot of Lost in Space.

3) FremantleMedia is at it again. Last week I mentioned they bought the rights to Atomic City. Well now they’ve won the development rights for Melvyn Peake’s fantasy series Gormenghast and will be producing a live action tv show. Yes it was a TV mini-series back in 2000 starring Jonthan Rhys Myers. I guess they’re just going to forget about that.

4) Classic novels seem to be all the rage on TV now. Hugh Laurie and George Clooney will be starring in the Catch-22 TV series. It will be a six-episode series based on the 1961 novel written by Joseph Keller. This will be George Clooney’s first time on TV since ER. He will also be directing the series which will stream on Hulu.

5) Also, we have a brand new trailer for HBO’s adaptation of Farenheit 451 starring Michael B. Jordan. I’m so excited. Based on Ray Bradbarry’s novel.

6) Beetlejuice musical is coming to DC. Pre-Broadway performances begin in October at DC’s National Theatre. Second musical from Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures to premiere in DC this year. Dave, based in 1993 Kevin Kline Sigourney Weaver film. Other projects include stage adaptations of A Star is Born, Dog Day Afternoon and 17 Again. Also working on Broadway Vacation, based on National Lampoon franchise with Chevy Chase.

7) Lynda Carter finally got a Hollywood star.

8) So Rampage starring Dwayne Johnson opens next week. That’s all I have to say about that.

9) Death of Superman Animated movie is out later this year, based on the 1992 comic series. DC promises it will include many of the fan-favorite moments from the story that were left out of 2007’s Superman Doomsday. The Death of Superman is the first of a two-parter project with Reign of the Supermen following in 2019. Voice cast will include Jerry O’Connel as Superman, Rebecca Romijn Lois Lane, Rainn Wilson as Lex Luther, Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman and Nathan Filion Green Lantern.

10) 2001 A Space Odyssey will return to theaters in 70mm on May 18th to celebrate the 50th anniversary on April 3rd. The print was struck from new printing elements made from the original camera negative. WB said it’s “A true photochemical film recreation, no digital tricks, remastered effects or revisionist edits.” Director Christopher Nolan is set to present the film at the Cannes Classic section of the Cannes Film Festival on May 12th.

11) Speaking of Cannes. Netflix will no longer be allowed to compete for the Cannes Film Festival top prize of the Palme D’Or award. Last year French audiences booed two movies Netflix screened. The head of Cannes said that when the movies were selected they thought they could convince Netflix to release them in cinemas and they refused. This news was announced the same weekend that Steven Spielberg said he doesn’t think Netflix films should be eligible for Academy Awards.

12) Steven Spielberg has also said that the Indiana Jones franchise will continue after Harrison Ford’s gives up the whip in the fifth movie of the franchise coming in 2020. And, the next Indiana Jones could be a woman. Spielberg said he’s interested in seeing “a different form” of Indian Jones.

13) Guillermo del Toro and Fox Searchlight are teaming up to launch a new label specifically for cultivating horror, sci-fi and fantasy genre films. Fox Searchlight will produce and distribute feature films written and/or directed by del Toro. Additionally, del Toro and Fox Searchlight will produce, distribute and market horror, science fiction and fantasy films from filmmakers that del Toro hopes to cultivate.

14) Can I have a quick aside? What the fuck is going on with Fox’s X-Men Universe? Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants have both been delayed. Canning Tatum’s Gambit movie has come close to starting production several times but still hasn’t. Dark Phoneix is now looking at a February 2019 release date apparently due to the need for reshoots as new material is being added. They might be facing some scheduling issues with Sophie Turner’s Game of Thrones season 8 shooting schedule. The New Mutants has been pushed back almost a year to August 2019 due to reshoots to make it scarier and the addition of a new character. And finally Gambit. Channing Tatum signed on for the role back in 2014. It’s gone through numerous directors and currently has no one attached. As for an X-Force movie? It’s also gone through numerous directors. Currently Drew Goddard, who created the Daredevil Netflix series, is still attached and filming is supposed to start later this year. There are apparently scripts currently being written for X-23 and Kitty Pryde films. There are also rumors that James Franco is set to star in a film about Multiple Man. And apparently talks have begun about bringing Alpha Flight and the Exiles to the big screen. However, the looming question is, could the Disney deal fuck all this up. Remember when all of the Star Wars extended universe material was deemed no longer canon?

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