A Look into the Technology Behind Autonomous Vehicles

One of the more interesting technological trends occurring today is the rise in autonomous vehicles. These cars are already able to keep us in our lanes, warn us about obstructions while we are reversing and parallel park for us. They boast tremendous safety improvements; after all, driver error contributes to more than 94 to 96 percent of crashes. Soon, these cars may be able to completely drive with minimal or no human assistance. Here’s a quick look at the technology which is driving these cars.

Sensors and Mapping

According to The Zebra, autonomous vehicles come equipped with amazing sensors that are capable of reading street signs, determining lane markers, identifying obstacles in your path and the ability to assemble all of this information to optimize your driving route. They use this information with highly advanced GPS and mapping software which can get you to your destination once you plug it into the computer on your vehicle.

Software Processing

The processing power of the computers in these cars is more advanced than the vast majority of computers currently available on the market today. It has to be, as the processing power must be capable of completing multiple tasks. For example, according to Deepen, data annotation and labeling is part of the process that allows autonomous cars to learn to recognize and correctly categorize various objects and surroundings. Image identification is necessary in order for the computers in the car to learn what objects must be avoided and how to use that information to potentially alter a route.

Machine Learning

One of the more interesting capabilities of autonomous vehicles is the ability of computers in the car to learn. This is a fundamental skill of artificial intelligence, as these cars utilize highly advanced data algorithms to use the data in front of them to develop solutions to complex problems. Furthermore, the processing power of these computers allows them to store solutions and data in order to use the same information for solutions to problems in the future.

The software which drives autonomous vehicles is highly complex, more so than anything which has ever been commercially available before. However, it’s important to remember that other industries have utilized components of this technology in the past – this is just the first time that such advanced technology has ever been commercially available to the public. The technology above has the capacity to make a vast improvement in all of our lives, and the future is bright for autonomous vehicles.
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