3 Tech Trends We’re Glad Are Dead

Many of you can probably recall falling for the latest tech trend once or twice even if you might not want to admit it openly. Over the past few years, innovation in technology has exploded all around the world. Many wonderful things have come out of it, such as sharper phone cameras or drones that help bring supplies to rural areas. However, with as many good things that have come out from this tech explosion, awful and downright silly items have also made their way into the public market. The following list entails some of the past tech trends that deserve to be dead and gone.

Smart Everything

As stated above, there have been great things to come out of this current tech explosion. One of these is the introduction of smart home technology. This encompasses everything from devices that can detect carbon dioxide in your home to door cams that can allow you to see who is at the door when you are gone. However, where there is money to be made, there is going to be an oversaturation of the market—oftentimes with equipment we don’t need. Data has shown that these kinds of products have decreased in popularity in recent years. Many of these include devices that require you to hook up all your electrical devices to the internet. As you might know, hackers loved this trend. This is because the more you connect to the internet, the greater the chances of you being hacked simply because you didn’t want to reach up and turn on your bedside lamp.


Hoverboards — the tech trend that you’ve all been waiting for since you saw Back to the Future at the theater. However, these hoverboards neither hovered nor were classified as boards. In fact, it was quite the opposite. One of the major reasons these stopped being so popular is they seemed to randomly catch on fire. Even the “high-quality” versions of these hoverboards would either stop working entirely or, in the worst-case scenario, caught on fire. Hoverboards were not only a nuisance to deal with on the sidewalk, but they were also major safety concerns for whoever was around them at the time.


Have you ever forgot your password and had to go through the whole process of remembering what street you lived on as a child? Although passwords are certainly still around, they are quickly dying out — and for good reason. Passwords are not as secure as people think. Technology exists that can attempt every combination possible in order to gain access to your data. Therefore, many are elated that passwords are out, and finger/facial recognition is in

Tech innovations are growing by leaps and bounds ever year, so don’t be surprised if the next hoverboard is introduced this holiday season. All the public can do is embrace these innovations; understand their consumer power; and hopefully, create better tech using these past mistakes.

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