How D&D Actually Equips You With Career Skills

Dungeons and Dragons was first published in 1974. Although there have been various campaigns to stop people from playing the game, it has remained popular. The game has also had a renaissance as it has been referenced in various pop culture moments, notably the Netflix series Stranger Things. D&D remains a wonderful way to enjoy a fun evening with friends and family as you all work through a campaign. But other than a night of fun, there are additional perks of the game. Here are three career skills that the game helps you develop.

Encourages Teamwork

In any office environment, one person cannot take on the bulk of the work. Work is best completed when it is shared by everyone working to the best of their ability while incorporating their talents. This is no different than a D&D campaign. Wizards, rangers and rogues all have to work together to advance the campaign. Playing to everyone’s strengths and sharing a workload are keys to success. D&D not only builds communication and improvisational skills, but also gives plays a low-pressure opportunity to speak in front of other people. Dungeons and Dragons can be used as a team-building exercise to help a group of people grow closer since it will provide insights into their thought processes and gives opportunities for socialization.

Critical Thinking Will Get You Through

Even if your team is working together perfectly, you never know when you will face an unexpected challenge. Whether it is a rushed deadline, troubleshooting for a client or facing off against a dragon that is just waking up, problem-solving and critical thinking are vital to success. We might not have magic and healing abilities like the characters we play in D&D, but we can still come up with our own unique skills when a vital project suddenly changes direction. Studies have shown that games encouraging critical thinking can improve a player’s IQ.


What is a D&D campaign without a good story and dungeon master? Bland and repetitive stories never make for a good campaign, and everyone can tell when a dungeon master comes into the evening ill-prepared. The same can be said about lawyers or even anyone running a business meeting. Good storytelling is invaluable to lawyers, and could even be called a cornerstone of their careers. Lawyers and dungeon masters both need to captivate an audience. Adding detail and emotion to a story allows that to happen. You’ll get experience making a presentation that involves your audience. Many dungeon masters will include their D&D experience on job resumes since it takes charisma and organizational skills to successfully host a D&D campaign.

D&D has been around for decades, and there is no indication that its popularity will wane anytime soon. While it is great for a fun evening with friends and family, it also has added perks. Aspects of the game help players build skills that they can use at work and when developing their careers.

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