The Story of EXGP

Executive Geek Productions or “EXGP” is a new production company geared around the world of geeks! Whether it’s music, video games, technology, anime,  or whatever you geek out about we cover it! So get the hell inside!

Our story goes back all the way to 2004 at Anime Expo in Anaheim, California. Rob Miles and Jarrell Hall met and began discussing ideas for a new type of production company surrounding Anime and Geek Culture. It was only 2 years later they had organized their first ever fashion show at an anime convention.  In 2009, Jarrell had returned from college and along with Rob Miles and a dedicated team of geeks, Anime Superstar had finally taken off. They had successfully created a brand, merchandise, and a live stream show with TradioV and Openline Media in San Francisco.

After two seasons the show had ended and Anime Superstar had seen a shift in it’s brand along with coming changes to the industry. While at Stan Lee’s Comic Con (formerly Comikazee), Jarrell was had had lunch with Kevin Smith and Stan Lee. After a long a life changing discuss with Mr. Lee, Executive Geek Productions was born. Over the next 4 years Jarrell, Rob, and co would rebuild and re-brand the Anime Superstar to Executive Geek while maintaining Anime Superstar and also adding Tech4Reel as additional divisions to a much large brand.

Today, Executive Geek has returned to producing live stream content, convention appearances, and more! With a recent partnership with Fonco Studios, they have completely brought Executive Geek Productions back into the forefront and are ready to change the game again!

Come in and Geek Out!