Topher Nguyen

Host. Producer. Voice Actor. Talent Manager 

Topher has been part of the anime scene since 1997 and attending conventions since 2000. He knows how anime fans live and breathe. He has been staffing anime conventions since 2003 and understands what makes a great experience for the fans. As of 2009, he is currently the Director of Guest Relations for Sacanime, serving as a direct liaison between the guests and the convention.

Along with working for Sacanime, Topher became the Executive Producer for Anime Superstar in 2010 and has hosted events for Electronic Arts in Redwood City and Sega in San Francisco. In 2011 he helped produce the live stream for Crunchyroll, the online streaming anime site at Anime Expo.

In 2013 Topher met Raj Ramayya and Strawberry Hill Music. He was their Business Development Director. He helped prospect new clients within advertising, broadcasting, publishing, education and new media — then plans persuasive approaches and pitches to convince these organizations to join hands in business with the company. He continued on to create a rapport with new clients, which serves to set targets for sales and support to make business relationships even better.

Topher has been building relationships with talent over the years and now has decided to help his friends find an easier way to deal with the rigors of their busy acting lives and ease the convention turmoil. Also, he is capable of casting and directing any post production work such as ADR for film, video games and animations.